Blessings for an Adult, Child, House, Land, Animal, Boat, Bike, Auto, etc. all follow a similar process to Baby Welcoming, Naming & Blessing

Have you been blessed with new child? If so, Congratulations!
Whether you created this child from your body or solely from your desire, no matter how this soul entered your life, your child was created from your heart. And your love wants to be expressed to, through and for your child – for a baby is love, pure and sweet; a miracle of Life‘s longing for itself…

Sweet child, we welcome you into our world and into our hearts!
  You are a Bundle of Joy   A Wonder of Life   Beautiful   Innocent
Your Child is Your Heart   Your Soul   Your Love   Your Life
A Miraculous Creation!

A Blessing of Life,  a Blessing to Behold,

My Honor to Bless your miraculous creation with a personalized ceremony expressing your love and traditions! Having a ceremony for your baby has grown in popularity over the years. Like wedding ceremonies, there are now choices available so you can have this traditionally religious ceremony created your way, with words and rituals that fit your personal beliefs and life style. While your baby is the heart of the ceremony, you may wish to include within the ceremony rituals that involve parents, siblings, family and guests. For example, candles, wine, gifts, flowers, and promises can be used to express acceptance, responsibility and unity. For the entire family, a ceremony is a strengthening, and sometimes healing, experience.

You may wish to express a variation of a cultural or religious tradition or ritual within the baby blessing ceremony. Most popular are rituals of naming, gifting, and blessing with water or oil. I enjoy opportunities to make a tradition contemporary, meaningful and accessible while maintaining its original significance, for example a ritual with water that is beautiful and unique and selected as part of most ceremonies.

Using the words you choose, selected from my reference library, I’ll weave a message of love and commitment to your child into a beautiful, tasteful ceremony with meaningful words and promises – one that thoroughly blesses your baby and reflects who you are as individuals, and a family – a ceremony that gathers all present into a circle of love, surrounding your child with a community “village” of dear ones who are charged to be supportive healthy role models for children. As parents, you will draw strength from knowing that your baby has been so sweetly honored and that you’ve heard and spoken words expressing what you aspire to live by as parents and of your unique child.

“Every person born into this world represents something new, something that never existed before, something original and unique…” Martin Buber

“Dear Janice, thank you so much for being a part of Charlie’s big day. The service was very special and unique – everyone agrees. Not only was the baby blessed, but we were too, by your loving message…hope to see you again soon. Love, Sylvie & Scott”

“Dear Janice…just a quick note to thank you for the beautiful ceremony you performed for Emily’s christening. Your kindness, talent and spirituality showed in the ceremony and in the brief time we got spend with you and it means the world to us. We thank you for providing us with exactly what we wanted for Emily, and more… (we sincerely hope we get to see you again…Laurie, Kevin and Emily”

“Dear Reverend Janice, Thank you for the absolutely beautiful ceremony you put together. It was a very special day for Maya and it was special for us that you could be part of our celebration. We loved having you. Warm regards, Oscar, Iris and Maya”

Please see  Ceremony Options and Preparation for detailed information about the ceremony creation process. Contact me with a note or call 914-747-9188!