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Credentials and Experience:
Reverend Janice Arlene Rost, MSC, MSTh, MDW, RM, ACH

Reverend Rost is a Minister of Spiritual Counseling and Divine Wisdom, with a Master of Spiritual Therapy degree. She completed a four-year seminary program of Interfaith Ministry and Counsel; she was ordained June 1989, in Columbia University’s St. Paul’s Chapel. Licensed in New York, and granted reciprocity in additional states, Reverend Rost has been officiating weddings and other ceremonies since 1990.

In addition to creating ceremony and community, Reverend Janice is an experienced and gifted facilitator of healing for individuals, couples, and groups. Using the integrative healing arts of Mind/Body/Spirit Tapestry in a caring environment, she supports individuals along life’s journey, especially during times of transition. Her “listening” hands and heart combine with an intuitive, empathetic approach making a session with her an integrative and transformational experience.

Minister/Celebrant, Mind/Body Psychotherapist, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, writer, artist…

Reverend Rost draws from over 30 years of life experience gained through personal exploration, training, and apprenticeship with leaders in the healing and ceremonial arts.

In my own words…

“It is my honor to support you during the best times of your life, as well as the most challenging. I love people. I’m intrigued with how we think and feel and relate – alone and together (myself included!). I believe the vital work we human beings have is about learning self-love, practicing intentional loving in all our relationships, and creating partnerships that thrive. It is really is about our human-ness which includes our brokenness, about having the strength it takes to be vulnerable, letting go of our fears and loving more unconditionally. We do have freedom and choice, what we need are better transformative ‘tools’ and a supportive community of role models in the art of relationship…

I’m experienced in addressing concerns and situations regarding the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. My work with individuals and couples is progressive, and powerful. I regard therapy/counsel as a gift to our self and to all our relationships. Within a non-judgmental environment and supportive relationship, one can be deeply heard and responded to with empathy, insight and new possibilities.

My approach is personalized, heart-centered, intuitive, and collaborative. Together, we’ll creatively address practical matters as well as the deeper roots of issues. Coaching or Process oriented, I’ll offer techniques that can progress you quicker than talk alone. I’ll help you build a healthy foundation of good will, self care, awareness, compassion and acceptance. You can expect enhanced esteem, communication, intimacy, peace and harmony with yourself and others.

We can all learn more about how to give and receive love. And, we all face challenges that become opportunities to learn and grow. I support your choice to live fully alive, alone or in partnership, and am honored to walk beside you in your journey.”