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How do I Choose my Officiant?

How do I choose my Officiant???
When I started this joy filled service of uniting couples in 1990, there was a small number of Interfaith or other ministers who would say yes to couples regardless of faith, non-faith, race, sex, etc. Now, there are many vendors in the wedding business. Freedom of choice is sacred and also can be confusing, making it difficult to know what/who you will get, especially when most couples have never hired a wedding vendor before, even for a second marriage!

Some couples only care about the paper to make it official or only about the party afterwards; if so, that makes your choice easier. You’ll hire someone who gets the job done with a few standard words. Many couples seek a wedding Officiant who will help them create their dream wedding which includes a ceremony that is personal, romantic, beautifully crafted and delivered. For a ceremony that does all this as it unites them in marriage, they will search out information and carefully select. With a variety of vendors to choose from, there’s a variety of service style, offerings, quality, personality, etc.

It takes more than a license to be considered a quality professional in any field. Here’s some information to consider about people who perform wedding ceremonies…

Officiants have different preparation, talent, motivation, and experience. Some have extensive training, many have superficial training and others may get a license for the day. (Do you know it’s possible to get licensed to officiate a marriage on the internet or by attending a weekend workshop focused other than officiating?)

Some of the qualities I look for in choosing a professional are: individuals and companies with integrity – that are experienced, personable, reliable and highly skilled in what they offer. To find a good match I like to talk to them and consider  personality, style, inclusivity, ceremony choices and personalization, preparation, delivery, time for me, fee, etc.

Referrals can be helpful, and yet I still need to make an effort to see if they are right for me.

We can do our best to obtain information and use head, heart and intuition to make the best choice. Since you don’t have the comparison experience as you do with many other purchases in you life, and since you really won’t be able to fully judge until after the ceremony, this selection process can be daunting. However, please be reassured to know that with almost professional Officiant you choose, you will probably be satisfied with what you get. And you’ll be married!

Why Choose Rev. Janice?
What you get is quality service and reasonable rates! My distinctive process of ceremony creation offers you a superior selection of meaningful appropriate reference, giving you a variety of choices for the entire ceremony, and therefore, more personalization. In addition, you and your fiancé get invaluable experience, support and quality time together, discovering what matters most to your heart and soul.
Since you’ve been drawn to my site and taken the time to read this far before you choose an Officiant, I believe you really do care about the ceremony that unites you and your partner in marriage, and also about your celebrant. Here’s what I’d like you to know about me…
I am a professional and I really do care – about you and your wedding day.
And, I believe with you, that you can have your special day be joy filled and memorable!

I’ll give you my time and experience. With it, you’ll learn more than you imagined about yourself, your partner, and your relationship as well as about the before, during and after aspects of your wedding ceremony. I’ll give you friendly and professional high quality personal service, and a meaningful heartwarming ceremony crafted with attention to details. And, often overlooked yet vital, the ability to professionally and warmly present/officiate with joy, elegance and charisma, focusing on you, yet including everyone. I’ll keep the ordinary fresh and alive, as well as creatively and appropriately handle the unexpected with grace and humor. I’ll be there for you if your choice is for an experienced, caring, and gifted celebrant!

What sets me apart, (and will be best experienced as we go through the process) is that I have the essential and the additional skills, training, experience and heart to be considered one of the finest…

I hope this has been helpful – may you make a good choice!