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Naomi and Steve’s Story

“…By the time Steve and I decided to get married, we had been a couple for 7 years. So, we just wanted to tie the knot so to speak, without the big production wedding that would delay our wedding date for yet another year. We set the date to be my late mother’s birthday, July 1st, which was only 3 or 4 weeks away. At first, I was ready to sign papers at the court house, but Steve wanted to have a little ceremony with his family and friends. That is when I thought of Reverend Rost, the inter-faith, non-denominational minister, who married my sister, Stefanie and Paul just 6 months before. I recalled their simple, yet elegant ceremony, and wanted ours to be that way, too. Steve and I contacted Rev. Rost, and explained to her our situation and the time constraints. Luckily for us, she agreed, and was willing to work with us even though she was already busy with other wedding ceremonies.

Rev. Rost invited us…to do the prenuptial marriage counseling. When asked if we wanted to do a 1 1/2 session or a 3 hour session, we decided on the latter because we wanted to get as much out of the therapy as possible. It turned out to be the right choice…The therapy session, I noticed that Rev. Rost had a very peaceful way about her. Although, I was a bit nervous with the wedding on my mind, she put me at ease with her calm, yet friendly nature. The whole therapy session lasted 4 1/2 hours, but we enjoyed it so much that we didn’t notice how long it was lasting. However, even at this time, Rev. Rost did not rush us out. Rather, she was very generous with her time and made it obvious that it was more important for her to know that we were satisfied with the therapy session. Steve and I are very grateful for this, because we both felt that we bonded in such a way that we had not experienced in all the years that we’ve known each other. The extended therapy session enabled us to become more emotionally ready for our marriage.

Steve and I feel that we made the right choice by having Rev. Rost as our minister in marriage…We are eternally grateful for Rev. Rost’s personal involvement, meticulous work, and most of all her wisdom and knowledge in creating a beautiful wedding ceremony. …I have already recommended Rev. Rost to a friend who is getting married next year…” Naomi and Steve, Brooklyn, NY