What some of my clients have said about…


“I’m still floating on air, and I can’t thank you enough for your participation in our wedding. Your ‘words’ made everything feel just so right, so heartfelt, so candid and special-to everyone present. Like I told you at the start of that morning, you are a most beautiful soul and I feel absolutely privileged for having met you. I plan on staying in-touch, and I’d recommend you to any couple in a heartbeat.” Marianne, from Yonkers, NY

”I did want to express to you the gratitude and fulfillment Jen and I felt hiring you to facilitate our ceremony. First, we gained tremendous understanding for each other following our couple’s process session with you. The introspective work was helpful to better understand our personal motivations and fears and how those help and hurt the other. Likewise, the ceremony was exactly how we envisioned it, from the perfect setting to the heartfelt words. We were grateful to develop a relationship with you and to know our wedding day would meet all our expectations and more. Our guests continue to express that this was the most thoughtful wedding they had ever been to. Thank you for your passion, kindness and support throughout the entire process. Best,” Matt and Jen, NYC

“Hi Janice, …I see many weddings, but this was such a special one since Gaby and Jim’s intimate ceremony was personally written and therefore so meaningful. I really respect the way you spoke and read the ceremony as I tell the brides and grooms who come to see me how important it is for friends and family to be the witness to vows of commitment. Sometimes they are so caught up in the huge plans, (probably thought about since childhood) that they can forget the why of it all. Perhaps because I’ve spent so much time in 3rd world countries, photographed wars, refugee camps and all kinds of other stories, I can get a grip on the joy and the meaning of the ceremony as well as the fun of the party…Much regards, TRIX” TRIX ROSEN, Photojournalist  212 228-8100 Trix@TrixRosen.com www.Trixrosen.com

“Hi Rev. Rost how are u? We are very good Tino and I, …well we were quiet nervous about the prenuptial meeting, but surprising immediately,  Rev. Rost was very friendly and patient with the language considerations, we have been a couple for eleven years, was also to confirm the reason for our love and learn the basic for resolving marital issues and overcoming challengers and ensure we have a strong , healthy relationship.
Our wedding was a very unusual, we were planning a last minute wedding after been turned down several times, we were beginning to lose hope that there would be wedding at all, that was when come across Rev. Rost. She was available when we needed her, and we always be grateful, Rev. Rost was very warm she have a supportive nature and helped us to create a wedding that collaborated all of our ideas and needs.
We feel we made the right choice in having Rev. Rost conduct our ceremony. Her warm and supportive style was a blessing, we will forever be grateful for her services. SHE IS A SPIRITUAL PERSON WHO UNDERSTANDS LOVE. Con mucho amor Tino and Luis”

“Dear Janice, I wanted to say thank you for the most beautiful ceremony you gave us yesterday. It touched us and many of our guests. Many commented that it was the most personal and heart filled ceremony they had ever experienced. Your words will remain in our heart for the rest of our lives. It was particularly meaningful to me since you have been my life coach and support in last few months…I felt blessed by the air, wind, sun and the mother earth. I cannot thank you enough for the gift you gave us. I am so happy that you are a big part of my/our new journey. With much love. Tai,” Ossining, NY

“Dear Janice, words cannot express the gratitude we have for finding you. Your guidance and sincerity helped us to understand the importance of being a couple and how to maintain our needs to keep a marriage sacred. Not only that, but as a family we treasure. Everyone loved our ceremony and will remember it always. Thanks to you it was beautiful ceremony. Love to you always, Jimmy and Stacey” Pleasantville, NY

“We were so pleased to have found Reverend Janice Arlene Rost to co-officiate our wedding. She spent a lot of time getting to know us and understanding what we wanted out of our wedding ceremony. She was incredibly flexible in coordinating details with our other officiant (long story-but basically the family friend we had originally set up to marry us couldn’t legally do it in the state we were getting married but we still wanted them involved) and the day went super smoothly. The ceremony was beautiful and we received many compliments from our guests on how heartfelt and meaningful it was. She is a special lady who we still keep in contact with 5 years later. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone we know! ” Jason & Adriana Brooks  Of Newtown, CT

“Thank you Janice for the lovely ceremony you performed for us on such short notice.  You were so awesome.  Our family was happy with the ceremony and enjoyed having it in your lovely home.  Thank you for everything.  Our deepest gratitude.”  Maria and Victor, Bronx, NY

Dear Janice, …Thank you for the lovely, warm wedding ceremony you performed for Greg and Kristine on October 2nd. It certainly was the highlight of their day as they shared with me at brunch the next day. There certainly has been a great amount of personal growth in each of them and I believe the meaningful words of the ceremony will provide them with much more. So many people commented to me how wonderful the words of the ceremony were.  Thank you, Janice, for all you did in creating a beautiful wedding ceremony.  It was most enjoyable being with you at dinner as well.Your truly, Kathi, Mother of Groom

“…We have the ceremony, and we love it. The more elaborate questions and revised vows now include everything that we want to express on that day, and we couldn’t be happier with the wording. Thank you for taking the time to work through all of that with us.  Your patience and support made that process possible.” Peggy and Neil, Brooklyn, NY

“…By the time Steve and I decided to get married, we had been a couple for 7 years. So, we just wanted to tie the knot so to speak, without the big production wedding that would delay our wedding date for yet another year. We set the date to be my late mother’s birthday, July 1st, which was only 3 or 4 weeks away. At first, I was ready to sign papers at the court house, but Steve wanted to have a little ceremony with his family and friends. That is when I thought of Reverend Rost, the inter-faith, non-denominational minister, who married my sister, Stefanie and Paul just 6 months before. I recalled their simple, yet elegant ceremony, and wanted ours to be that way, too. Steve and I contacted Rev. Rost, and explained to her our situation and the time constraints. Luckily for us, she agreed, and was willing to work with us even though she was already busy with other wedding ceremonies.
Rev. Rost invited us…to do the prenuptial marriage counseling. When asked if we wanted to do a 1 1/2 session or a 3 hour session, we decided on the latter because we wanted to get as much out of the therapy as possible. It turned out to be the right choice…The therapy session, I noticed that Rev. Rost had a very peaceful way about her. Although, I was a bit nervous with the wedding on my mind, she put me at ease with her calm, yet friendly nature. The whole therapy session lasted 4 1/2 hours, but we enjoyed it so much that we didn’t notice how long it was lasting. However, even at this time, Rev. Rost did not rush us out. Rather, she was very generous with her time and made it obvious that it was more important for her to know that we were satisfied with the therapy session. Steve and I are very grateful for this, because we both felt that we bonded in such a way that we had not experienced in all the years that we’ve known each other. The extended therapy session enabled us to become more emotionally ready for our marriage.
Steve and I feel that we made the right choice by having Rev. Rost as our minister in marriage…We are eternally grateful for Rev. Rost’s personal involvement, meticulous work, and most of all her wisdom and knowledge in creating a beautiful wedding ceremony. …I have already recommended Rev. Rost to a friend who is getting married next year…” Naomi and Steve, Brooklyn, NY

“Reverend Rost, we are very excited to meet you and were so pleased with our conversation last week. You are the perfect person to untie us as man and wife! Regards, Nicole” (and Michael), NYC

“Dear Janice: Just a note to thank you from the heart for the beautiful way in which Gabriella and Jim’s ceremony was performed. You captured what they really are about and I know that everyone who witnessed the ceremony will take your words and their import with them for a long time to come. Would it be possible for you to email the ceremony? I would very much like to send it along to my Mother and Brothers. Thank you again. Anne B (Jim’s Mom)  Please feel free to quote me. I can’t tell you how many others who were at the ceremony said the very same thing! We have been blessed. Thank you again. Sincerely, Anne B”

“Dear Janice, Thank you so much for working with us, nurturing our feelings towards each other into vows and helping us to express it on such an important day in our lives! Fondly, Maureen and Billy”
“Dear Janice, It was such a pleasure meeting you this past Sunday. Erika and I really enjoyed our conversation and thank you for helping clarify the logistics and content of our wedding ceremony. Your ability to create an atmosphere where we both felt comfortable sharing our feelings is a credit to you and your work. We look forward to having you celebrate our wedding on September 14…We look forward to reviewing the various proposed ceremonies and discussing how we can tailor one to fit our personalities and desires. Thanks again! Kind regards, Cory”

“it was every bit as wonderful as we’d dreamed it could be. Thank you so much for your presence and spirit and love at our wedding this past June. It was clear to us form our first contact with you that the Universe sent you to us and us to you. A way opened for us to be married with you as our Guide; the seeming obstacles beforehand were a gift in disguise that led us to you. The ceremony that you co-created with us and shared with our loved ones was absolutely beautiful. Several guests told us it was the most meaningful and heartfelt wedding ceremony they had ever attended. With your help, we were able to create a ceremony that reflected our relationships, to each other and to our loved ones, and expressed what was in our heats and our commitments for the future. We could not have asked for a more graceful and mindful delivery and expression of this creation than you provided. Your presence was powerful and grounding. Thank you, from our hearts, for that gift…We do not yet know when we can be in your area again to meet with you for a post-wedding session. We will look forward to that special time, whenever it is to be. With gratitude and affection, JoAnn and Chip” Pennington, NJ

“Dear Janice, Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful service at our wedding. We’ve received so many compliments on our beautiful ceremony – you certainly would receive our highest recommendations! Sincerely, Laura and Al”

“Dear Reverend Janice, We felt very comfortable with you after our initial telephone conversation. Our first meeting was even better. You made us both feel very relaxed in your presence. Your input with the ceremony was more than I could have ever imagined. It was so much fun for us to help create it as a couple. I don’t think we would have thought of doing that had you not introduced us to the idea. I must admit that I didn’t think we needed pre-marital counseling, but you have helped us to learn even more about ourselves and each other. This can only help us in the path we have chosen together. We are so looking forward to our wedding day and sharing it with you. Reverend Janice, you will always be in our thoughts and our prayers. We truly appreciate all that you have done for us. May God bless you always, Michelle & Albe”

“Dearest Reverend Janice, Walter and I wanted to thank you for this afternoon. Not only did you make us feel comfortable and at ease but you went out of your way for our children. We received so much from speaking and sharing with you and we took everything that was said to heart and made it matter. Especially us opening ourselves up to so many possibilities. We are confident and committed to creating a marriage in and with love and trust. We truly appreciate the honesty and guidance that you extended to us and are looking forward to lifetime of rewards through the help that you gave us to understanding. Walter and I took this evening for only us and had a wonderful time. So many times Walter had told me in the past that I am mysterious, and today I found myself sharing with him some of the more difficult moments in my life that he never knew. I think that he appreciated in knowing where I had been in order to understand where I am today. Knowing who you are totally depends on knowing who you are not. This is the way that we feel that we can glorify ourselves and God. Again, we want to thank you for the guidance and the gentle touch that you gave us today. We hope all the best for a truly blessed new year rich with all the gifts that you have given to others. Our heartfelt thanks, Maria, Walter, Janina and Sara”
“Hi Rev. Janice…Thank you so much for putting this together for us.  After reading it, I felt reflective on the life I have had with Walter so far and excited and looking forward to the future with him…Thanks again for all your time and mostly kind words or support. Love and Peace, Maria”

“What a beautiful ceremony! Thank you so much for making our most special day a dream come true…the memories will live forever in our hearts! Thank you so very much, Keith and Wendy” Hopewell Junction, NY

“Our ceremony was beautiful and meaningful because of all the inspiration you gave and because of your spirit in presenting the ceremony. Thank you.”
Deborah & Michael, Highland Falls, NY

“Dennis and I want to thank you for making our wedding so incredibly beautiful. The service was exactly what we wanted. It was very personal, in that it depicted who we are, how our relationship has evolved, and what marriage means to us. You did a terrific job of tying it all together and presenting it beautifully. Our guests commented on your service and I’m sure you will be recommended by all of us! We can’t wait to see the video back so that we can hear the vows all over again! Thank you so much, Sandy and Dennis” Pt. Chester, NY

I felt so reassured after our visit. It is an honor and a pleasure to have you perform my ceremony. Leesa” Peekskill, NY

Our sincerest thanks to you for supporting our new life together with such openness and appreciation. One of our biggest wedding hurdles was overcome only through your willingness to help us express our vows in our own words, not someone else’s. the result was evidently clear in the room November 6, 1993, but is equally clear today as we re-read the beautiful rendition of our ceremony you sent. We have not yet done a commemorative photo album or scrapbook, and I’d love to make your work a centerpiece. For always, you brought beauty into our lives and memories into our hearts to last a lifetime. Best wishes, Ginny and Gene”, Nelsonville, NY

“Thank you” are just two small words that don’t quite do the justice of how grateful we are to you for performing our ceremony. It was perfect and people are still telling us how powerful and wonderful you were. We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you, Scott and Doris” W. Hempstead, NY

We had an overwhelming positive response from our family and friends on the lovely ceremony you performed. Thank you for making our ceremony so meaningful. It meant so much to the both of us. Love, Albert and Dana” Mt. Vernon, NY

“…We wanted to thank you for a lovely ceremony. You made us feel special and comfortable. Thank you, Dawn and Mike” Brewster, NY

“…Greg and I just wanted to thank you so very much for such a wonderful ceremony – it was as beautiful as I imagined it to be. I felt Gregory and I and of course you, were the only three in the room. I got so many compliments; everyone thought it was the prettiest ceremony they had ever heard…Much love, Tricia and Greg” Westport, CT

” Thank you so much…It has been a great experience putting it together and we’re very excited about it… We’re very lucky that you’re the minister we were recommended to. You were very helpful to us and made us see everything very clearly. You also helped us recognize that the actual wedding ceremony is the most important aspect of the day. Love always, Kim and Mike” Valley Cottage, NY



Thank you so much for your very generous and thoughtful gifts to us on our anniversary. Your words to us were so beautiful. Everyone was riveted. I know I was. Charles and I were both very touched. Thank you for making the occasion (anniversary) so joyous! Much love, Deanna and Charles”, Croton-on-Hudson, NY


Baby Welcoming Blessings:

“Words can not begin to express the amount of heartfelt gratitude we are feeling for your (i) your presence and (ii) the beautiful ceremony for Desmari Alyssa’s christening. From September 18th my husband and I felt a sense of comfort and relieve that our daughter was blessed. We could not have made a better choice of Reverend and for that we are always thankful that God somehow managed to put you in our path. We are so grateful that the Ardon’s made this recommendation. Attached are some pictures of the ceremony. Enjoy and may God always bless you. Thank you.” Marilyn, Brooklyn, NY

“…thank you for the beautiful ceremony you performed for Emily’s christening. Your kindness, talent, and spirituality showed in the ceremony…and it means the world to us. We thank you for providing us with exactly what we wanted for Emily, and more.” Laurie and Kevin and Emily, Dayton, NJ
“Dear Janice…just a quick note to  Your kindness, talent and spirituality showed in the ceremony and in the brief time we got spend with you and it means the world to us. We thank you for providing us with exactly what we wanted for Emily, and more… (we sincerely hope we get to see you again, maybe at Jack and Anthony’s house! If there is any way we can get a certificate of Emily’s christening and/or copy of the ceremony, please let us know.) Laurie and Kevin  Finn”
“Dear Reverend Janice, Thank you for the absolutely beautiful ceremony you put together. It was a very special day for Maya and it was special for us that you could be part of our celebration. We loved having you. Warm regards, Oscar, Iris and Maya” Brooklyn, NY

“Dear Janice, thank you so much for being a part of Charlie’s big day. The service was very special and unique – everyone agrees. Not only was the baby blessed, but we were too, by your loving message. We’re so thrilled to have a certificate documenting the day…hope to see you again soon.”
Love, Sylvie & Scott”


House Blessings:

“Dear Janice, Thank you for adding your special touch to another important day in our lives! Your gift for choosing the perfect words, and your calming spirit always amaze me. Thanks again.
With love, Andrea, Doug & Daniel” Garrison, NY

“I want to thank you for the lovely, moving, meaningful service you created for our house blessing. It will be one of my treasured memories.”  Karen and Sudheer, Ridgefield, CT