“Janice helped me to see a whole new way of looking at life…I became free of pain in both mind and body.” Carol, Croton-on-Hudson, NY

“My first healing session with Janice was miraculous…She turned my life around to where the true me has surfaced.” Mendy, Montreal Canada

“…I made more progress with Janice than in all the years with my psychotherapist…. I tried everything…chronic shoulder pain disappeared within a few sessions.” Laura, Katonah, NY

“Hi Janice, Just wanted to touch base with you and thank you so much for all your time and care on Labor Day weekend. It helped so much to be able to talk to you! You are a compassionate, loving, strong presence. You gave me room to go where I needed to go to open up the feelings that were buried under the surface. I’m feeling better since then, have been getting in touch with some of my anger, which has been a big help. I think assertiveness and self-esteem is really blocked when the pathway to anger is blocked. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to work with you; I found it very healing. I’m sending you lots of love! In gratitude,” MR (a medical doctor)

“I had one impromptu session with Janice several months ago. Prior to initiating the craniosacral work, I discussed with her my digestive problems that I’ve been suffering from for many years, trying many different things without relief. She gave me dietary advice that I have followed since and has been THE FIRST thing ever to make a difference. I am forever grateful to her for this, she has a great repository of knowledge regarding healthy lifestyle. The craniosacral session was very powerful as well. I would recommend Janice to anyone without hesitation. She combines knowledge and skill, and takes the time and energy to really see how best to help the client.” M. from NYC

“Janice Rost is an excellent care provider for those in need bringing to her clients holistic and alternative experience. Her healing touch and gentle ways create an atmosphere that assists the healing process. Whether it is hospital care or home health care that is required, she brings years of expertise to the situation. For those suffering from nutritional difficulties, product allergies and rare energy deficiencies, she has the wherewithal to advise wisely.
Speaking from personal experience, I recommend Janice especially for her excellent energy field therapies and workmanship. During periods of extreme stress and physical pain, her presence helped to alleviate much of the obvious discomforts. Healing hands and warmth of heart are her trademarks and a strong indication of the gentle spirit that lives within Janice.”
Beda Lechner, End-of-Life Care Practitioner and Alternative Therapist, Florida

”I did want to express to you the gratitude and fulfillment Jen and I felt hiring you to facilitate our ceremony. First, we gained tremendous understanding for each other following our couple’s process session with you. The introspective work was helpful to better understand our personal motivations and fears and how those help and hurt the other. Likewise, the ceremony was exactly how we envisioned it, from the perfect setting to the heartfelt words. We were grateful to develop a relationship with you and to know our wedding day would meet all our expectations and more. Our guests continue to express that this was the most thoughtful wedding they had ever been to. Thank you for your passion, kindness and support throughout the entire process.  Best,” Matt and Jen, NYC

“Rev. Rost invited us…to do the prenuptial marriage counseling. When asked if we wanted to do a 1 1/2 session or a 3 hour session, we decided on the latter because we wanted to get as much out of the therapy as possible. It turned out to be the right choice…The therapy session, I noticed that Rev. Rost had a very peaceful way about her. Although, I was a bit nervous with the wedding on my mind, she put me at ease with her calm, yet friendly nature. The whole therapy session lasted 4 1/2 hours, but we enjoyed it so much that we didn’t notice how long it was lasting. However, even at this time, Rev. Rost did not rush us out. Rather, she was very generous with her time and made it obvious that it was more important for her to know that we were satisfied with the therapy session. Steve and I are very grateful for this, because we both felt that we bonded in such a way that we had not experienced in all the years that we’ve known each other.The extended therapy session enabled us to become more emotionally ready for our marriage. Steve and I feel that we made the right choice by having Rev. Rost as our minister in marriage…We are eternally grateful for Rev. Rost’s personal involvement, meticulous work, and most of all her wisdom and knowledge in creating a beautiful wedding ceremony.” Naomi and Steve, Brooklyn, NY