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Transformational Breathwork


In Buddhist and yogic traditions, people claim to have reached an enlightened state by doing nothing more than paying attention to the rising and falling of their breath. What easier way could there be to reach such a state? Especially since breathing – following the ebb and flow of your breath – is an intrinsic part of meditation. By paying attention to your breath, you will rapidly change your state of consciousness, begin to relax, and slowly detach from ordinary awareness.

We can transform our reaction to stress with mindful breathing!  Try this Breath Break

• Take a quick body/mind inventory; just notice how you are feeling now.
• Sit up straight with uncrossed legs and arms and close your eyes.
 Breathe in through your nose to the count of four, focusing on the sensation of the air moving through your nostrils, your chest and belly expanding. In this moment you are consciously breathing in new life.
• Breathe out for a count of four, feeling the air as it leaves your nose, your chest and belly relaxing. In this moment you are releasing what no longer serves you.
Pause for one beat at the end of your exhale before you breathe in again.
• Continue for two minutes. If a thought grabs your attention, just notice it and just say to yourself, “breathing,” and gently bring your focus back to your breath. The idea is not to engage in thoughts, just to focus on your breath.

While breathing mindfully, you are in the present moment and have transformed your energy pattern. Notice how you feel now. This is the beginning of meditation! Now, read on to learn about how active breathing can become a powerful healer.


Rebirthing – Take a Breath, Transform this Moment, Heal Your Life!

I’ve trained in the technique called Rebirthing – a simple, gentle, yet powerful breathing technique, which can transform your mind, body, emotions and spirit. It can also transform how you perceive yourself, others and the world in general. It is common for us to hold our breath and/or breath in a shallow manner when we are stressed. Many of us have never learned how to breathe deeply and fully. Holding the breath causes unexpressed emotions to get pushed into the cells in the body. The body will often react by creating physical as well as emotional problems. When we inspire fully, we are more alive and in the moment because we are taking in the nourishing breath of life.

A Breathwork session can be transformative for anyone (my mother, while in her 70’s benefited!). I use Breathwork during some hands-on healing sessions, or alone, often in a series, for anyone uncomfortable with a hands-on approach. I encourage you to participate as much as you can during and in-between sessions. I serve as a facilitator and a breath coach. Helping to ensure that you breathe in a connected manner, and suggest changes to the breathing pattern to facilitate your process throughout the session. When breathing consciously, your body will relax. You release tension and negativity, and often access memories and unconscious thoughts, that don’t serve your conscious desires and goals, the ones that keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns. We will challenge the negative patterns by reframing the thoughts that create and perpetuate them.

I offer techniques that are successful in changing underlying thoughts. Incorporating new thoughts will allow you to change behavior patterns with less conscious effort. Breathwork, rebirthing is a true mind, body, spirit integrated experience, encouraging and supporting your true aliveness with a grounded sense of joy, inner peace, and harmony. The Rebirthing method is Self–Healing and will be taught to use it for yourself during our sessions!

I am indebted to the many Rebirthers, especially Deborah Fay, MA, who supported and taught me along my journey.