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Vision Statement and Philosophy

Vision Statement

HeartAndSoul Matters ministers to matters of the heart and soul during times of joy and challenge with quality ceremony preparation, officiating and counsel for meaningful life events and transitions. HeartAndSoul Matters enriches lives by encouraging choices that support optimal health for body, mind and spirit and by living consciously, more fully alive during times of celebration or challenge. HeartAndSoul Matters facilitates healing and enhancement for individuals and partnerships that build thriving relationships and community based on good will and intentional loving.

Janice Arlene Rost’s HeartAndSoul Matters, so she lives mindfully, lovingly and fully alive in peaceful inter-dependence with her relationships and natural environment, supporting others to find and express their uniqueness so we all can thrive as our authentic selves.


Colleen Seifert of Open Heart Seminars said “People are opportunities. The gift is in the interaction and the connection with another person, whether it lasts forever or not.”

My Philosophy… I agree with Colleen. I’m intrigued with people, how we think and feel and relate – alone and together. I believe the vital work we human beings have is about how we contribute actively and energetically towards the peaceful co-existence most of us want. For those of us consciously on our journey towards happiness, wholeness, freedom and peace, we know it begins within then projects outward – how we think, feel, act and live really does matter. All matter strives to maintain balance. With all w e do in our busy lives on this ever-changing planet, seeking and maintaining healthy balance in body, mind and spirit can seem a monumental, challenging task. And yet, it is an essential endeavor for and with our selves, the whole family of humankind, and all creation.

To be a balanced person living with a sense of well-being calls for respect, acceptance, good will, patience and unconditional love. We already have choice, what we need is courage, commitment and better transformative ‘tools’; we can learn more about mindful loving and use the skills of intentional loving with our self and in all our relationships. We can strive for feeling good – every creature wants that – or for optimal and thriving – it’s our choice.

Creating ceremony and ritual is an opportunity for me to serve people during significant life events.  Of course, the most joyous and most frequently created ceremonies are for weddings and baby blessings. To be present for any type of ceremony requires me to play a key role as a person’s life transitions, as one door closes and sometimes, before the next one opens. It can be a time mixed emotions, of choices; a time of being in the unknown – is is always a time to be honored.

I regard therapy/counsel as a gift to our self and to all our relationships. It brings light into the soul and to the world. I believe that we can all learn more about how to give and receive good will and love; that we all face challenges that are really opportunities to learn and grow. I support choices that nurture us to live fully alive, alone and in partnership. I consider it a privilege to walk beside you during the joyous times, as well as the most challenging of your life. I’ll listen deeply to your pain and struggles; I’ll celebrate you in your success and joy. I’ll offer supportive techniques and ceremonies that progress you along your journey. With caring support and wise guidance we can courageously surrender fears and embrace our strengths, hopes, vulnerabilities and brokenness. As we break walls and build bridges, we learn to recognize and respect our common human-ness. And from this foundational experience, we can move forward towards our goals and create collaborative partnerships that become positive role models in the art of relationship. This is what I strive for, within and around me. Do you?

I believe that When Heart and Soul Matters, all things are possible.