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Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about my services…

What are your fees? My fees are very reasonable for what I offer so I can say “yes” as often as possible! Since I offer personalized service, I’ll need to learn more about you in a conversation – your situation, needs, goals – and then discuss the fee.

Weddings and other ceremonies have a range of fees based on package selection, your personal needs and other factors.  I’ve created options to suit different preferences and budgets. The fee I quote is  based on quality professional service and average amount of total service time for you.  I give a lot and you get a lot of personalized service and all that goes into creating a wonderful ceremony experience.

Will you marry us; we are a same sex couple? Yes, what is important to me is that  you are in a loving, respectful relationship together.

When should we get started? In general, the answer is “ASAP”. If calling for Healing Arts, you probably need your support now. If for a ceremony, the longer a mount of time before your date is best. As your time gets busier closer to the date, you will be less stressed if you know you have booked your minister well in advance and that your ceremony is in progress or completed. As for me, I’ll have you scheduled and can arrange my time better to give you and your ceremony the attention needed. I take clients on short notice as often as I can, and it can be challenging to fit in more to do, so let’s stress-less and book early

What makes a ceremony great? A well crafted ceremony/ritual is attentive to details in setting, words, symbols, logistics, and is presented by an accomplished, charismatic celebrant. Its purpose is to achieve its intention, transporting you in mind and spirit, to your goal, your vision. Connection and felt emotions are signs of a good ceremony; it stimulates emotions appropriate to the service, from happy to sad, and also creates a stronger connection among the participants and witnesses.

How long is a wedding ceremony? The average ceremony is about 20 minutes, the more or less mainly depends on your choices. You and your guests will be attentive to the ceremony, not the clock!

Do I have to memorize my vows, or anything? No, you don’t, that’s too much pressure unless you’re a seasoned actor who wants to do so. You will have the questions and vows before the ceremony so you can practice and live out your promises. If you are reading a poem I’ll coach you to be able to see the words and look at your partner.

Can I get a copy of my ceremony? You will get the heart of your ceremony – the questions and vows! Because your ceremony vows were written with meaningful words that support thriving relationships, I want you to have words to live by and, to practice the promises you will make to your beloved!

Print a pretty copy, maybe frame it, and keep it out for inspiration; you can revisit your ceremony on your anniversaries as a wonderful memory. Or any day as a
supportive guide!

What if you’re already booked or can’t… I’ll try to serve you personally, and/or will refer you to known colleagues and professional services if I’m not available or not a good match for your needs. Having seen many wedding professionals in action and as part of a large network of healing services professionals, I can often make referrals to meet your needs.  I’m happy to help.

Where are you and HeartAndSoul Matters located? My serene office overlooking the lake is conveniently located in Briarcliff Manor (central west Westchester County) New York, easily accessible by car or train. For Wedding clients, a face-to-face meeting in my office with all reference material at hand is ideal. However if necessary, another meeting place or a telephone conference can be arranged. Healing Arts sessions are in my office; home visits are made when necessary.

About the wedding site – can we get married in your space?  Yes! I can travel to your venue, recommend one,  or I can accommodate small groups at my Briarcliff Manor location, indoors or out by the lake (with a fountain!).


So, let’s get started!

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