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Wedding Ceremony Options & Preparation

I offer several options for selecting and composing a ceremony that suits different styles, tastes, timing, and budgets. As a creative and skilled ceremonial artist, I’ll guide you through this joyful process. My goal is for you to love your personalized ceremony, to have sacred and enjoyable time at the altar, and for everyone present to strengthen their connections through the love, words, rituals, spirit and presentation of the ceremony that unites you in marriage.

“…We have the ceremony, and we love it. The more elaborate questions and revised vows now include everything that we want to express on that day, and we couldn’t be happier with the wording. Thank you for taking the time to work through all of that with us. Your patience and support made that process possible.” Peggy and Neil, Brooklyn, NY

Wedding Services include…

* Officiating your ceremony
* Complimentary interview and Pre-marital session
* Ceremony options and preparation
* Post wedding session option
* Help with venue selection and professional referrals
* Coordination with professionals involved with your ceremony
* Travel to your wedding site (one hour)
* Assistance with marriage license formalities
* Stress reduction and mystery removal regarding the time before, during and after the ceremony
* Credentials, Invaluable Talent and Experience!

 Ceremony Options and Preparation:

Whichever option you choose to create your ceremony, whether simple or creative, you will have a romantic ceremony that expresses your love, supports your relationship, and fulfills your dreams.

“Ready to Wear”…Based on what I’ve learned about you, I’ll offer ceremonies from which you choose the one that suits you as is. You will have many appropriate choices that can be “tweaked” to make it fit right. This may be useful if very close to ceremony date, or if you are on a tight budget.

“In Office Composite”…This package gives you the ability to make choices and leave the rest to me. Based on what I’ve learned about you, I’ll show you ceremonies from which you can create your own. You’ll choose what you like and, with my guidance, come up with a ceremony outline. After I’ve put it together, we’ll have a conference call to review and “rehearse.”

 “Homemade Personalized Composite”…This popular option allows you to personalize a
ceremony in your own space and time with many reference options from my extensive collection. Couples often experience creating their ceremony together as a special time where they learn more about themselves and each other as they discuss their preferences and philosophies on love, partnership, and family.

Based on what I’ve learned about you from our session, I’ll show you material from which you can create a ceremony draft. The readings, blessings, and rituals, I suggest result from my getting to know you and your preferences, and my experience. I have various styles of expression for candles, wine, flowers,
children, designed to reflect your unique relationship and families.

You choose several you like and I’ll e-mail these and other documents containing readings, vows, etc. to broaden your choices. You will also receive a document to guide you in creating your “draft.” In the comfort of your home, you can review, discuss and select what you want in your ceremony. When
satisfied, you will send me your draft.

I’ll then enter into my process of editing and enhancing. Next we schedule a telephone conference. The first part is for review and feedback; we collaborate until we’re satisfied. Then we have a “rehearsal” – what to expect before, during and after the ceremony. My aim is to unveil the unknowns and offer suggestions that will help you feel as comfortable as possible.

Your finished ceremony will be an artistic blend of your input and mine. I will make my final edits and mail you a copy of your ceremony. You can get familiar with it and hopefully, live out its essence!

“Customized Composite” (Self-Created, New Words, Ideas, Rituals)…I love to create and write
meaningful rituals and will do so with words, etc. that express your personal needs and are comfortable for me as your minister…

You’ve put together an outline you’re basically happy with and you want to make sure it’s as beautiful and meaningful as it can be. I’ll read your submission and make suggestions for enhancing it. The three of us will collaborate until we are satisfied. If you introduce new material, ideas, etc. I’ll capture the essence of your thought and weave words and/or ritual, to express it. Using my ability to transform concepts, I’ll keep in mind the big picture while working with the important details (flow, logistics, etc.)

We’ll find the option just right for you!