I’m Janice Arlene Rost, Minister of HeartAndSoul Matters, serving NYC, Westchester and Surrounding Tri-State as Interfaith Wedding Officiant & Life Enrichment Counselor. Planning a marriage, life event or challenged by life? I’ll listen as you describe who you are, what you want and what you need, and personally assist you with extraordinary care to achieve your dream wedding and life goals. My style is personal, warm and collaborative. 

I feel honored to support you during the best times of your life, as well as the most challenging. I support your choice to live fully alive, alone and in partnership, and am honored to walk beside you in your journey.

I love people and nature. I’m intrigued with how – alone and together – we think and feel and relate to other people, the natural world, and the Universe. I believe in and stand for the power of Love and Healing and call people to be conscious, loving and fully alive.

I offer Heartfelt Ceremonial Services and Counsel for life’s occasions, changes, celebrations and challenges. I’ll do my best to serve you if it feels like we’re a good match and make a referral if we’re not. I’m experienced as a Minister, legally ordained as an Interfaith Minister who serves in the broadest sense of the word. Creating ceremony and ritual to affirm life’s occasions is what the law says I can do. How I create is limitless with the freedom of a non-denominational Minister, my own creativity and your vision. I’m inspired by the mundane and the complex; I enjoy taking the value of the “old” and making it new and meaningful to what’s envisioned. Together we will collaborate and personalize a ceremony to reflect you and honor your occasion., whether it be a small or major life event.

For the momentous romantic occasion that unites you and your true love in marriage, you want to fulfill your dreams for the wedding, the ceremony, the reception, the honeymoon, and for your life partnership! You dream it in vibrant 3-D colorful perfection; I get it. I want that for you too, and I want you to feel less stress and more joy throughout. So I’ll be there for you, to listen, inspire, heal, feel and support throughout the process.

I’m a supportive, skilled Facilitator of Healing and Enrichment; a psychotherapist, coach and care-giver who strives for optimal and thriving. I’m experienced on the journey of life and live mindfully.  I’m knowledgeable about concerns and situations regarding the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. My work with individuals and couples is progressive and powerful. I regard therapy/counsel as a gift to our self and to all our relationships. Working within a non-judgmental environment and supportive relationship, you will be deeply heard and responded to with empathy, insight and new possibilities. I’ll acknowledge your journey with its steps forward and seemingly backward, as meaningful progress. Together we can build a solid foundation with deep roots and nourish it so the real you can blossom.


 “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

They somehow already know what you truly want to become.” Steve Jobs